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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. 1.If I do not have a MediaCorp ID, how do I become a member of oktoAsia.com?

    Here’s how:
    - Go to Register at the top of the home page and click on the relevant “Parent” or “Child” tab.
    - Fill in the required information and click “Submit”.
    - You will receive a notification in the mailbox of the email you have used to register for your account.
    - Go to that email (if you do not receive the notification email, check your spam mailbox).
    - Click on the activation link in the email.
    - You are now an oktoAsia member.

  2. 2.If I already have a MediaCorp ID, how do I become a member of oktoAsia.com?

    Easy, just log in with your MediaCorp Id and password and you will be automatically become a member of oktoAsia.

  3. 3.I am a parent. Why do I need to “Add Child” to my account?

    As oktoAsia is a secure site for children between the ages of three and 12, this feature ensures that your child accesses relevant content that you have assigned. Your child cannot buy content on our site – only you can. After an item is purchased, you need to assign it to your child.

    Adding your child to your account also enables you to track his progress. Just click on “View Dashboard” and go to “My Grade Book”. You can track the progress of all your children if their accounts have been added to yours.

  4. 4.I am a child. Why do I need to associate a parent to my account?

    We want to protect children like you from big bad wolves! Also, you’d need mummy or daddy to buy some of the content, such as e-assessments or BuddyME credits. When you have registered successfully for an account, you need to connect your account with your parent's.

    Here’s what you need to do:
    - Tell mummy or daddy that you have registered for an oktoAsia account.
    - If mum or dad does not have a MediaCorp ID, tell them to register for one. If they already have an account, tell them to login.
    - Tell mum or dad the email you used to register your oktoAsia account.
    - Once they have added your email, you will receive an email invitation to connect with your parent. 
    - Go to that email and click on the link in it.

  5. 5.How do I update my profile or change my password?

    It’s easy. Here’s how:
    - Login in to your oktoAsia account.
    - Go to My Account
    - Click Update Profile to change your particulars and password.

  6. 6.What’s in the free sampler pack?

    It’s a small sampling of what will be available on oktoAsia. It comprises:
    - More than 20 interactive e-assessments for students in Primary 1 to Primary 6. Subjects available include English, Mathematics and Science. By next year, there will be more than 20,000 questions in our e-assessment question bank.
    - Two Mat Yoyo Digital Storybook titles that lets children star in the stories and record their own narration.
    - More than 50 interactive activities with catchy music and colourful visuals to prepare your child for the next level of learning.
    - 1,000 BuddyME coins, so children can personalize their avatars in this level-based word game .

  7. 7.How do I sign up for the free sampler pack?

    • If you don’t have a MediaCorp ID, register for one. Once you are an oktoAsia member, you're ready pick up your free Sampler Pack.
    • When you have successfully downloaded the sampler pack, you will be prompted to assign the samples to your child. If your child has already signed up as an oktoAsia member, use that same email to assign the samples. For security reasons, your child would need to go to his email to accept your request before he can see the samples assigned to him.
    • If your child has not signed up as an oktoAsia member, you can help him do so by following the instructions. Remember to use a bona fide email address as your child would need to accept your request so we can connect his account to yours. This is an added feature to ensure the security of your child's account.
    • Your child can access all the samples assigned to him in the “My Library” tab under the “My Account” tab.
  8. 8.What are the features on oktoAsia?

    We are launching the site in the later part of 2013. What you are accessing now is a sneak preview on our beta site. Currently available are:
    -  Samples of e-assessment papers aligned with school curriculum
    -  Samples of interactive learning games
    -  Grade Book for parents and children to track learning progress
    -  Visual learning through samples of educational videos

    Do check in for updates or drop us a note at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like us to alert you via email.

  9. 9.What is Grade Book?

    It’s a tool that tracks a child’s learning. It allows a child to revise topics he is weaker in and leap those he is stronger at. This ensures that he remains an engaged learner. Parents also have access to their children’s Grade Book to track their progress.

    In a nutshell, the Grade Book:
    - Tracks whether a child has completed a paper
    - Shows marks scored
    - Records the time the child takes to complete a paper
    - Benchmarks a child’s attempt against cohorts who have completed the same paper

  10. 10.I have a question for oktoAsia. Who can I contact?

    Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.